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Launched in October 2018, Groover connects independent artists with the best curators, radio stations and labels seeking emerging talents. The platform guarantees that music curators and professionals will listen to your track, respond with feedback, and share the tracks they’re vibing with.
The connection between artists & music professionals is broken
More than 100,000 new songs are released every day on Spotify. Because it's become much simpler to produce music and make it available online, it's now even more complicated for a musician to stand out from the crowd.
In order to get in the spotlight, musicians send thousands of emails to media and labels who are completely overwhelmed with submissions. Like sending a message in a bottle, they don’t receive any answer.
Groover: the solution to promote your music successfully
Groover helps connect artists and their representatives with media outlets, labels, playlist curators and music professionals, guarantees they'll be listened to, get feedback and coverage.
How? The artist or their representative sends their tune directly to a selection of media outlets, radio stations and labels of their choice for 2 Grooviz per contact. Each curator/pro gets 1 Grooviz to listen to it and write at least one piece of feedback, whether they decide to share the tune or not.
pieces of feedback received
media outlets, radio stations, and labels currently active on Groover
shares (reviews, playlist adds)
signatures with record labels
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Detecting talents in advance and
accelerating their careers
Thanks to the high quality feedback given by media outlets and labels to artists, the Groover team is able to detect the most promising artists very early.
And we don’t just watch, we act as a real accelerator for their careers.
The Groover Showcases put talents spotted on Groover on music professionals' radar. They offer artists opportunities to play for audiences in Paris' most beautiful venues, such as L’International, Petit Bain, and Zèbre de Belleville.
On the Groover Blog , we share our growing expertise on music promotion and artist services with the goal of making it a true toolbox to help emerging musicians develop their careers.
Press & Media Contact
Romain Palmieri, Co-founder
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